Month: September, 2011

September Mid-Season

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Field Safety – All Players, Coaches, Parents and Spectators need to leave the “safety zone” around each soccer field open.  Please DO NOT sit right next to the soccer field lines…for spectator safety of getting hit by a ball or player coming out of bounds…for the player to not get hurt running out of bounce and to give the players throw-in room for game play…for the ref to see where and who the ball is out on to make the call.

Respect of Facility – Currently dogs are allowed on the soccer fields. However, Saturday a little girl sat in fresh dog poop at the U6 games at the PILC fields.  Not fun for the little girl or the family that had to clean that up.  ATTN Dog Owners:  Please attend to your dog in regards to poop control and safety of others.  Refer to City Ordinance: Section 10-3-102 & 10-3-103.  Let’s respect the safety of the fields and players during soccer season.  It only takes one incident to put a no dog rule into place.  Soccer families…please remind family and friends coming to watch games at both PILC and Hilgers soccer fields of this dog notice.

Code of Conduct - CASA – There have been a few reports of disrespect of coaches and refs this past week.  Please remember that this is recreational soccer…this is NOT the World Cup.  Coaches are ALL volunteers and our young referees are always in training.  We are all learning the rules of the game together, along the way as we move from one division to another.  Recreational soccer allows a player to develop soccer skills, learn how to function as a team, learn new strategies of the game and respect of coaches and officials.  If you feel that you are an expert of the game of soccer and would like to use your knowledge to help the organization…we are always in need of referees and coaches and coordinators to help make each soccer season successful for the our kids.  The Board will be discussing consequences for players, coaches and parents when a Code of Conduct rule is reported.  As parents we need to be role models in front of our kids and all the kids around us.  Please review the Code of Conduct that is electronically signed by each family during on-line registration.

Code of Conduct – HS Soccer – Emotions and Soccer spirit run high during competition each high school season.  We as coaches, referees, parents and fans must always remember that we are here to support, guide, teach and keep safe our MS/HS soccer players during their high school soccer career.  As we guide them before, during and after each competition, let us keep in mind that the coaches job is to coach, the referees job is to keep the rules of the game in check and safety of all players, the parents job is to encourage and support all members of the team and the job of soccer fans is to cheer the Govs and Lady Govs to victory!  Please read “Respecting Community at Soccer Games”.  Players are also asked to refresh themselves with Code of Conduct and PHS Extracurricular Activities Rules and Regs. 

Govs & Lady Govs Soccer is home next weekend, Sept 16th & 17th at Hilgers. See game schedule on website. Become a Gov & Lady Govs Fan on Facebook.

Govs & Lady Govs Homecoming Soccer Games are Sept. 24th at Hilgers.  The Soccer Booster Club and Wegner Auto have teamed up for two great fundraisers:

·         Drive for Cash – Test Drive a new vehicle from Wegner Auto @ Hilgers Sept 24th and Dodge will donate $20 per each person that test drives, to the High School Soccer Program.  Come as a group of test drivers and help us make this fundraiser a huge success.  Watch for more details.

·         Kick It to Win It – HS Soccer Players are selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a new vehicle.  If your ticket is drawn, you will have a chance to kick a soccer ball into the back of a pickup truck from Wegner Auto.  Rules and Regulations do apply.  Stop by the soccer games next weekend to purchase a ticket or email to request a player to stop by with tickets.

Weather – As we start to move into some cooler weather for the rest of the fall soccer season, please remember to have a soccer bag with long sleeve shirt, pants, hat & gloves.  Soccer games WILL NOT be canceled unless there is lightening in the area or it’s a down pour rain that the fields would also be too wet to play on.  Watch the website and emails for any game notices.

Indoor Soccer season is right around the corner.  If you are 10 years old and older and are interest in indoor soccer please email the division coordinator, so we can coordinate number of players and coaches needed and practice space.

Fundraising – CASA will be participating in a couple different fundraisers this fall/winter:

·         Fun Pasta Sales – Everyone loves some type of pasta dish and we are always looking for a unique Christmas or Birthday gift.  Fun Pasta sales help us make pasta dishes fun for all and find a cool gift for those that have everything.  CASA will receive 40% of all Fun Pasta sales.  Not only can you order directly from a CASA family here in Pierre & Ft. Pierre…you can tell all your out-of-town family and friends that they can order on-line with product shipped directly to their door step.  CASA families will receive sales packets the last week of soccer games (from your coach) with Sales running from November 1st – 15th.  All monies raised go toward soccer equipment for all divisions.  Watch for details.  There will be prizes for the top 5 sellers.  Check out all the great items for sale.


·         Dueling Duo PianosAndy Gibson & Ryno will perform November 18th for a Soccer Fundraiser Celebrating our Parent Volunteers and Community Sponsors.  Tickets Sale info coming soon!  Calling for Silent Auction items.

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